Theo Raedschelders


  • On the degeneration of the noncommutative Hodge-to-de Rham spectral sequence
    Some unfinished notes containing an exposition of parts of Kaledin's proof.
  • On the global rigidity of projective space
    A note containing an elementary proof that projective space does not admit any global deformations as a smooth projective variety.
  • GAP for tau-tilting modules
    GAP-code for various computations involving tau-tilting modules, which was used in this paper.
  • Koszul algebras from Frobenius splitting
    Notes (by Philipp Lampe) for my talk at the BIREP Summer School on Koszul Duality (August 2015).
  • Rationality of couples of 3x3 matrices under simultaneous conjugation
    An alternative elementary proof by Kevin De Laet and myself of a result originally established by Formanek in 1979.
  • Preprojective algebras and Lusztig's nilpotent variety
    Some old and unedited notes for my talk at the BIREP Summer School on Preprojective Algebras (August 2013). They contain a simple proof showing that Lusztig's nilpotent variety is Lagrangian.


  • Here is one of my all-time favourite movie scenes, from Down by Law by director Jim Jarmusch.